Gel manicures and pedicures


Naturally, I offer manicure and pedicure treatments. Here, your fingernails and toenails are filed and shaped and the cuticles are soaked, pushed back and massaged. 

The way forward for many women and an increasingly popular treatment is Bio Sculpture Gels. This is an incredibly durable gel treatment that offers strength to your nail bed whilst allowing your nails to look immaculate.

Manicure with BioSculpture Gels

This does cost a little more but you get a wonderful, long-lasting, shiny gel finish – and it can last up to 21 days on your fingernails and up to six weeks on your toenails. You can also have nail art embedded and then sealed with the gel to protect the nail art, leaving a smooth finish. 

Luxury pedicure

This luxury treatment all begins with a foot spa massage. Your nails are then shaped and the cuticles treated. Any callus is removed and an exfoliation foot scrub is applied. The pedicure is finished with a luxury massage and colour gel of your choice.

  • Choose from Bio Sculpture gels
  • Dries instantly with no waiting, no smudges
  • Lasts 10 to 21 days on fingernails and up to six weeks on toenails
  • No damage to natural nails
  • Available in French or choose one of our amazing colours
  • Includes cuticle tidy and nail shape
  • Applied in around 60 minutes 
Fabulous holiday nails. Thank you Jo, a wonderful experience.
— Hillary Rolfe