Bio Sculpture Gel

The only product with a five Star safety rating

Bio Sculpture Gels at Your Fingertips

Bio Sculpture Gel is an exceptionally durable gel treatment that nurtures your nail bed while allowing your nails to look immaculate. It’s a healthy nail system that won’t chip or damage your nails, and will protect and add strength to your natural nails in the process. Bio Sculpture is the original and market leading colour gel with a range of over 150 different colours. 

Bio Sculpture has consistently led the market in innovation from the start, introducing the first ever Colour Gel, Soak-Off Gel and Gel Nail Sculptures. Bio Sculpture is also the first company in its class to have carried out a stringent independent Clinical Research Trial and received a Five Star safety rating. They’re the only people currently on the market with this rating!


Lasting up to three weeks

It provides a professional glossy nail covering that lasts for up to three weeks. It’s applied with minimal buffing and no primers or bonders, so there’s no dehydration of the natural nail. Layers of gel are applied to the natural nail and cured under a LED lamp – your nails are dry to touch once they’re cured.

Removal in a soak-off solution takes less than 15 minutes, leaving your natural nails in their original condition. Bio Sculpture Gel can be used to sculpt and shape your natural nails to lengthen them or enhance their natural shape. The full Bio Sculpture range includes over 150 gels and nail polish colours, manicure and pedicure luxury spa products, nail treatments and accessories.

This is one of the very few gels that can have nail art embedded into the gel and can then be sealed with the gel to protect the nail art, leaving a smooth finish. Nail art trends are enormously popular and are further enhanced when used alongside Bio Sculpture.

I had cancer and went through 18 months of treatment including chemo. My nails were in a terrible state ... Jo took me on and two years later I have the most amazing nails and a good friend.
— Michelle
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Problem nails?

Try IBX Repair Treatment

Do you have very weak or problem nails? You might like to try a wonderful new nail strengthening product called IBX Repair first. It’s applied straight on the nail plate and you can then apply gel polish over it.

It’s been such an amazing success that clients with the weakest or damaged nails can now wear gel polish for two or three weeks without any problems at all. Ask me about IBX Repair the next time you’re in the salon.